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There can be no single history of IRCnet, and any attempt to present one is probably just something of an ego trip on the part of the writer. An IRC network such as ours is made up of many individual groupings of servers that tend to stay together no matter what network they are on and the history the network may look very different to one group than it does to another.

An example of this is the discrepancy of the first servers on IRCnet. From my point of view, the first servers were Stealth and BT, followed shortly by Japan and then later joined by Europe; however if you read a history from the European perspective, you will read that they split away from EFnet to form IRCnet and that Stealth/BT and Japan joined them.

There is no "correct" version of the history, since both are true accounts but seen from different perspectives so what I have attempted to do is to collect a number of accounts from different angles and leave any interested reader to draw their own conclusions. Since I have collected and written some of this history you can expect a bit of bias, but if you object to this and you know what you are talking about then write your own and send it to me and I will include it.

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