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IRC Servers at the very start of 1993:

Newsgroups: alt.irc
From: (Chuck Kane)
Subject: IRC Server List
Sender: (Net Noise owner)
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1993 17:48:16 GMT
Lines: 483

This is a list of IRC servers, generally ordered by continent and country.
A count of servers (by version) is at the end.

Just because a server is listed here does not mean you can connect to it:
many servers restrict which sites are allowed to connect. 

All servers with 'test' or 'experimental' in the name, or which do not seem
to be general-use servers, are listed separately.  Servers which are not
regularly on the IRCnet when I run the update routine may be missing from
this list.  The "name" field is taken from what is visible from a /LINKS
on my server.

[ Note:  many servers have the version in the M: line, so the version will 
         show up on /links, I suppose.  It would be convenient for creating
         this list if those servers did not do that.  Some servers have the
         wrong version in the M: line. ]

If you think the formatting is suboptimal, e-mail me with your solution.


  Africa:       South_Africa
  Asia:         Israel Japan Korea Singapore Taiwan
  Europe:       Austria Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Italy
                The_Netherlands Norway Sweden Switzerland United_Kingdom
  North America (except US): Canada
  South America
  North America (United States)
  Version List
  Delete List
  Other Servers List

-----< Africa >-------------------------------------------------------------

South Africa          2.7i       Rhodes University, Grahamstown         2.7h       Grahamstown        2.7h       University of Natal (Durban)        2.7h       University of Natal (Durban)            2.7.2g     University of Pretoria

-----< Asia >---------------------------------------------------------------

Israel     2.7.2g     Bar-Ilan University        2.7.2g     Tel-Aviv University   2.7.2g.ID  Technion

Japan  2.7.2g     SFC TiME IRC SERVER 2.7.2g     KEIO SFC IRC SERVER 2.7.2g     Kyoto University 2.7.2g Kyushu University 2.7.2g   Kyushu Inst. of Tech., Iizuka 2.7.2f  Osaka 2.7.2g    Tokyo Institute of Technorogy    2.7.2g     Tohoku Univ. 2.7.2g     RCAIS Tohoku Univ.   2.7.2g     University of Tokyo     2.7.2g     Waseda University, Tokyo         2.7.2g     WIDE-NOC of Fujisawa 2.7.2g  OMRON Corporation, Nagaoka, Kyoto  2.7.2g     OMRON Corporation, Kyoto  2.7.2g     Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Inc.     2.7.2g     Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Inc. 2.7.2g    ASTEM RI, Kyoto       2.7.2g     KABA, Kyoto

Korea         2.7.2g     - KAIST Seoul          2.7.2g     - KAIST

Singapore            2.7.2g     SINGAPORE, The Lion "gum-free" City

Taiwan       2.7.2g+.ID SNAKE at NCHU        2.7.2g     CSIE, NCTU       2.7.2g     IM/MGT at NCU      2.7.2c     IM/MGT at NCU        2.7.2g     MIS of National Sun Yat-sen University

-----< Australia >---------------------------------------------------------- 2.7.2g     Monash University [Aussie Born & Bred]   2.7.2g     University of Newcastle Ircd    2.7.2g     University of Wollongong 2.7.2e     University of Tasmania 2.7.2g.ID.WE.HATE.BOTS UWS 2.7.2g.ID.Wallops+Max'd UWS     2.7.2g     University of Melbourne, Australian Hub     2.7.2g     University of Melbourne, Australian Hub 2.7.2e     A Server with Wallops, Queensland      2.7.2g     BananaLand IRC (On'ya Ozzie!) UQ, QLD

-----< Europe >-------------------------------------------------------------

Austria        2.7.2g.AIX(tk)DNSlookup.plC2 University of Vienna

Denmark         2.7.2g     Aalborg university, IESD

Finland            2.7.2g+ban2 EUnet            2.7.2g+ban2 Finnish University and Research Network (FUNET)
  serifos.Helsinki.FI     2.7.2g     University of Helsinki                 2.7.2g     Helsinki School of Economics         2.7.2g+ban Helsinki University of Technolog           2.7.2g+1   University of Joensuu            2.7.1e     University of Jyvaskyla          2.7.2g+ban2 Lappeenranta University of Technology           2.7.2g     Lappeenranta University of Technology          2.7.2g     Unixverstas Olutensin, Finlandia Vodka          2.7.2g+ban2 EE Dept., Univ. of Oulu          2.7.2g     Unixverstas Olutensin, Finlandia Vodka            2.7.2g+ban Tekla Oy, Espoo             2.7.2g     TTL       2.7.2g     Tampere University of Technology  2.7.2g     Tampere University of Technology, Modeemi Ry         2.7.2g     University of Tampere          2.7.2g+ban_patches University of Turku         2.7.1e+10  University of Vaasa, VAASA


  Eurecom8.Cica.FR        2.7.2g.ID  Eurecom Institute, S.A.
  Julia.Enst.FR           2.7.2g.Nap+2(privacy) TELECOM Paris
  Viminale.Greco-Prog.FR  2.7.2g.7   Universite de Bordeaux 1   2.7.2g.Nap+2(privacy) Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
  CISMhp.Univ-Lyon1.FR    2.7.2g     CISM-INSA de Lyon

Germany           2.7.2g-argv1 BELWUE    2.7.2g     Technical University of Ber
  TU-Muenchen.DE          2.7.2g-argv1 TU Muenchen 2.7.2g University of        2.7.2g     University of Karlsruhe
  Uni-KL.DE               2.7.2g.ID  Kaiserslautern 2.7.2g+ Oldenburg 2.7.2g     Universit           2.7.2e     University of Passau        2.7.2g     Stuttgart University
  rwth-aachen.xde         2.7.2g+    Aachen

Greece        2.7.2g     Computer Center Crete     2.7.1f+1   Computer Science Department University of Crete

Italy        2.7.2g-banfix Universita' di Roma

The Netherlands            2.7.2g     University of Tilburg       2.7.2g-banfix Nijmegen Reserve server     2.7.2g+1   Delft University of Technolo    2.7.2g     Eindhoven University of Technology Server        2.7.2g.ID  University of Amsterdam

Norway              2.7.2g     Universitas Bergensis, Ordinateurus Centre        2.7.2g+ban2.1 The University of Oslo Server           2.7.2g     University of Tromsoe     2.7.2g     University of Trondheim

Sweden   2.7.2g+ban2 Chalmers Tekniska Lekskola, G|teborg
  need.HGS.SE             2.7.2g.ID  Gavle/Sandviken University       2.7.2g.ID  Royal Institute of Technology      2.7.2g.ID  Lysator ACS at Link|ping University        2.7.2g     Lund Institute of Technology
  Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE        2.7.2g.ID  DoCS, Uppsala University

Switzerland         2.7.2g     Swiss Fed. Inst. of tech of Lausanne          2.7.2g     Improware AG

United Kingdom         2.7.2g     University of Durham 2.7.2g    CSTR, Edinburgh Uni, Scotland      2.7.2g     Department of Computing, Imperial College, London       2.7.2g     University of Lancaster   2.7.2g.ID  PressNet Hub       2.7.2g     The IBM PC User Group

-----< North America (except US) >-----------------------------------------


  Loki.ECE.Concordia.CA   2.7.2g     Concordia's IRC Server            2.7.2g     Eastern Canada's Main IRC router       2.7.2g     Technical University Of Nova Scotia  2.7.2g     University of Manitoba  2.7.2g     University of Manitoba  2.7.2g     Eastern Canada's Backup IRC Router       2.7.2g.ID  The Montreal' JAZZ Server 2.7.2g    University of Toronto's IRC server
  Iris.Ariel.YorkU.Ca     2.7.2g     York University's IRC Server

-----< South America >-----------------------------------------------------

Chile           2.7.2g     El PRIMER Servidor de IRC en SUDAMERICA!!!!

-----< United States >-----------------------------------------------------

Alaska      2.7.2g     Caffeine Free Alaskan Server

Arkansas           2.7.2g     University of Arkansas Server

California    2.7.2f     Cupertino       2.7.2b.eff.01 Staying alive    2.7.2g.ID  California Institute of Technology CCO Server       2.7.2g.ID  From DC to Daylight       2.7.2g     UCD Dcomm Grunt IRC Server
  ucscb.ucsc.EDU          2.7.2g     University of California, Santa Cruz
  UCSD.EDU                2.7.2g     Univ of Calif San Diego  2.7.2g-MGSS Caltech/JPL HUB Server        2.7.2g     National Education BBS       2.7.2g     The Softer Than You Server...


  ucsu.colorado.EDU       2.7.2g.dae.ID University of Colorado Server
  longs.LANCE.ColoState.Edu 2.7.2f   Colorado State U., Engineering

Florida  2.7.2b.eff.01.no931 Infrared Server  2.7.2g     Gaussian Server, University of Florida      2.7.2g     The Happiest Server on IRC

Georgia          2.7.2g     Southern Tech Server  Marietta

Illinois        2.7.2g.ID  Something new and radioactively purple        2.7.2f     UofIllinois - Serving those without a life    2.7.2g     UofIllinois Hub Server

Iowa   2.7.1e+10.mlv.zephyr Iowa State Alternate Reality Server

Kentucky     2.7.2g     The Hole in the Rock Server at t



Maryland 2.7.2g     NSWCDDWODET

Massachusetts           2.7.2g     The World @ Software Tool & Die   2.7.2g     Brandeis University Computer Science              2.7.2g.ID  Boston University, Boston         2.7.2g     Fastest draw in the East             2.7.2g     Welcome to unemployment-ville!                 2.7.2g.ID  Electronic Frontier Foundation, Cambridge

Michigan 2.7.2g    Yerboy's NeXT Server      2.7.2b.eff.01.no931 WMU,   Kalamazoo            2.7.2g     Sweet Addiction Server - UMCC

Minnesota          2.7.2g.ID  The Body Shop Server          2.7.2f     St. Olaf College, Northfield        2.7.2g     University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Mississippi              2.7.2g     ITD/SRSC

New Jersey          2.7.2g.ID  New Jersey Institute of Technology Server

New Mexico        2.7.2g.ID  New Mexico State U. NMSU SCF
  SANTAFE.SantaFe.EDU     2.7.2g     Santa Fe Institute       2.7.2g     The Dream Server

New York  2.7.2g.ID.0 University at Buffalo, Buffalo   2.7.2g     Columbia University - The Harlem Connection 2.7.2g    Columbia University CTR, New York City 2.7.2g.ID The CIT IRC  2.7.2g     Alchemist Lair    2.7.2g     Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute IRC Server

North Carolina     2.7.2g     Appalachian State University    2.7.2f     IRC with no speed limit

Oregon          2.7.2g     RAINet's IRC Server - Portland        2.7.2g     Portland State University Server
  Darkwing.UOregon.Edu    2.7.1      I am the server that flaps in the night

Pennsylvania 2.7.2g.1   Carnegie Mellon Server Generic      2.7.2g.1   Carnegie Mellon Server of Strife 2.7.2g     University of Pgh 2.7.2g    Temple University - Philadelphia 2.7.2g     University of Pennsylvania TITO Server      2.7.2g     Wilkes University      2.7.2g     Telerama IRC Server

Texas               2.7.2g     OpenConnect Systems Server, Dallas           2.7.2g.ID.herm The Magical Realms Server            2.7.2g     Texas A&M Server         2.7.2g     The U Of North Texas Most Boring Se     2.7.2g     The University of Texas at Austin Hub Server

Utah    2.7.2g.ID  Brigham Young University Math Dept
  CSULX.Weber.EDU         2.7.2g.Chucki+ Weber State College, Odgen

Virginia           2.7.2f     Netland          2.7.2g     James Madison University CS Hub    2.7.2g     Radford University
  poe.acc.Virginia.EDU    2.7.2g.pl1 University of Virginia
  tjeeves.acc.Virginia.EDU 2.7.2g    Jefferson Server, UVa   2.7.2g.ID  US Army Research Laboratory

Washington  2.7.2g     University of Washington IRC Server       2.7.2g.Spiff The Muppet Server of the Pacific Northwest

Wisconsin          2.7.2g.ID  Carroll College IRCserver

----< Version Information >-------------------------------------------------

Total    By Version      Count     Version

                            3      2.7h
              4             1      2.7i
                            1      2.7.1
                            1      2.7.1e
                            1      2.7.1e+10
                            1      2.7.1e+10.mlv.zephyr
              5             1      2.7.1f+1
                            1      2.7.2b.eff.01
                            2      2.7.2b.eff.01.no931
                            1      2.7.2c
                            3      2.7.2e
                            7      2.7.2f
                          115      2.7.2g
                            2      2.7.2g+
                            1      2.7.2g+.ID
                            2      2.7.2g+1
                            2      2.7.2g+ban
                            5      2.7.2g+ban2
                            1      2.7.2g+ban2.1
                            1      2.7.2g+ban_patches
                            1      2.7.2g-MGSS
                            2      2.7.2g-argv1
                            2      2.7.2g-banfix
                            2      2.7.2g.1
                            1      2.7.2g.7
                            1      2.7.2g.AIX(tk)DNSlookup.plC2
                            1      2.7.2g.Chucki+
                           22      2.7.2g.ID
                            1      2.7.2g.ID.0
                            1      2.7.2g.ID.WE.HATE.BOTS
                            1      2.7.2g.ID.Wallops+Max'd
                            1      2.7.2g.ID.herm
                            2      2.7.2g.Nap+2(privacy)
                            1      2.7.2g.Spiff
                            1      2.7.2g.dae.ID
 193        184             1      2.7.2g.pl1

----< Other Servers List >--------------------------------------------------

These are servers which are not for general client use, or which have
'text' or 'experimental' in their title; these active servers are not
counted in the Version List above.                  MUCC Experimental IRC Server        Experimental Server             Experimental Server, Montreal, Que    Experimental Server, Montreal, Que                      Msen IRC Test Server                          TU Muenchen, Ge             BSD Test Server              ISCA Test Server                UofIllinois Monitor Server                    LUT temporary server

----< Delete List >---------------------------------------------------------

These currently inactive servers will be deleted from the next list unless
they appear on the IRCnet again.                      Johannes Kepler University Linz
tartarus.ccsd.uts.EDU.AU            UTS (Sydney Aust) [Undecided]              UTS (Sydney, Aust) [Broadway Mausoleum]              UTS (Sydney, Aust) [Broadway Mausoleum]              UTS (Sydney, Aust) [Brick Dunnie]
win4.vut.EDU.AU                     Victoria University OF Technology                  University of Sydney             Center for Tropical Pest Management, Brisbane                       Brussels Free University            Montreal Polyserver                   University of Waterloo                    European Laboratory for Particle                      University of St.Gallen                 Halcyon, The 2300 News and Mail Service, Seattle                  RICOH C.R.C. Server                      Aachen                   CWRU IRC Server               World's Most Paranoid Server                  Harvard University, Cambridge              Indiana University Server                     Kalmazoo College                         MIT Project Athena
sccm.Stanford.EDU                   Stanford University IRC Server
ANDROMEDA.TAMU.EDU                  The Aggie Server, College Station                   UCLA IRC Main Server                     University of Minnesota, Twin Cities               SOONER LEAF SERVER,  SERVING SOONERS                         FUUG - EUnet                        Conservatoire National des Arts et                           ISnet                Polytechnic of Milan                       IRC server for Luxembourg                   ITESM Campus Laguna, Torreon                 ITESM Campus Monterrey                   Dh-Molde
Turing.ORG                          The Turing Project, Charlottesville                 Datorfvreningen Solace, Sundsvall                   Singapore - sunny island...set in the sea..                     The Lion "gum-free" City Server                 PressNet Hub

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