1st September, 2004. Supernews IRCnet Servers.

On the 31st of August, the Supernews IRC administrators took the decision
that they would no longer provide services to the IRCnet network.

Supernews had provided a large well placed server, systems support and
administration and a good deal of bandwidth to the IRCnet network
for a few months and in return, received nothing but abuse for this.

It is obvious that the good principles on which IRCnet were built no
longer exist. All that is left is pettiness, unfounded egotism and a
systemic urge for operators to rule over users simply because they happen
to be born in the same country as them. IRCnet has no strong leadership,
no vision and no direction, instead it has a lot of inexperienced power
hungry operators all competing with one another at the expense of the users
and of the network.

The Supernews IRC Staff are no longer willing to provide services to a
network where we are not wanted and frankly, to a network whos values we
simply do not share and consider to be legally, ethically, and morally

The Supernews IRC Staff.


** It should be noted that despite the ill-informed nonesense reported on some web sites,
Supernews was one of very few servers on IRCnet with operator kills disabled, and the
only one to openly call for less powers for IRC Operators.