IRCnet Operators Hall of Fame

Warning: People of an unstable disposition may not want to proceed much further within this page. There seems to be a problem on IRCnet in general that we have a shortage of attractive operators and as a result, not all of the pictures are very pleasant.

I have only included operators who deserve the title in this set of pictures, there are a small number of operators who have O-Lines on dodgy little servers who really don't warrant the title and we won't be pandering to their vanity here.

Feeling brave? Have a look at our operator pictures.
(Hope you like the new format!)

If you want to know what the operators talk about, then why not take a sneak peek behind the scenes?

And are you asking how you could become an IRCnet Operator?

Finally - Should you need one, an up to date listing of the current IRCnet Operators.
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Note: Most of the badly photographed ugly Operator pictures have their own copyrights.