Older News

28th May 2004:

US Users will soon have some new servers - First up is us.ircnet.org which should be open to everybody in the US - Hopefully we will soon be adding a new hub and another client server. The existing US server at irc2.us.ircnet.net should still be fine as well.

21st March 2004:

Good news for UK users - We finally have a new server at uk.ircnet.org -- This should accept connections from all UK users, If it doesn't, please don't complain to us. Other servers that still alsowork for the uk are: ircnet.demon.co.uk and ircd.sci.kun.nl

24th February 2004:

IRCnet is slowly upgrading to server version 2.11 - This will be done by the Operators over the next couple of months but it will almost certainly mean that the network will occasionally appear to fall to peices and things won't appear to work properly. I'd like to say it won't last for long, but that would be a lie - The best I can suggest is that you just pray to whatever gods seem convenient and hope it will all be over soon.

(It may be helpful to know that The Archangel Gabriel is the Patron Saint of Social Communication)

18th February 2004:

So far in 2004 there have been no problems. Mind you, why aren't you sending your channels pages in?

9th December 2003:

The webchat client is back up and running. Hopefully, it should all be ok now. Thanks to Trig and Core for their help on this one.

24 November 2003:

One little bit of news... It looks like we should be getting the webchat back up and running within the week as a co-operation between PLIG and luth.se - Again, watch this space.

23rd October 2003:

Sorry but the webchat we had hosted at luth.se has now had to close. This was only ever a very temporary measure and the load just got too much for them to carry on giving us a free service. We are looking for somewhere else to put a much more permanent solution up so, keep your eye on this news section.

14th October 2003:

Security Notice: All mIRC users should upgrade to 6.12 now. See the MIRC Website.

With the loss of Easynet UK's server there are problems with connecting UK clients to IRCnet. I am told that for now they will be able to connect to irc.snt.utwente.nl and possibly also irc.ludd.luth.se later in the week.

12th October 2003:

Ok, we have installed a backup chat client- Many thanks to Core and to ludd.luth.se - If you have problems getting to it from the menu at the top, try this link instead. We should probably have the main one back soon but for now this one seems to be pretty good, it's just slightly limited on numbers.

10th October 2003:

So I was wrong... And I have absolutely no idea what is happening or when anything will be back. I am afraid you will have to watch this space a little longer and since it's the weekend tomorrow...

Slight update: If this carries on, we will try and get something sorted on ludd.se over the next two days since Core has kindly volunteered to help out.

9th October 2003:

We are just waiting for some of the other servers to get their act together and the chat client should be back soon. Keep watching.

8th October 2003:

The IRCnet.org web chat client has had to close for a while - We will give you more news on this as it happens but so far all we know is that it is connected with Easynet UK shutting down some of its online chat services.

So far we are expecting to have something back up and running tomorrow - Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing There is a chat client at http://ircnet.com/ as well which may work for you; it's not brilliant but it works.